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Amidst the rushing screams of Mother Earth; the pounding drums of Ouidah; the markets of Lomé and the open heart of Erzulie, there exists:

​Born of only 3 comes the embodiment of crushing noise intertwined with enrapturing harmonies...

Sobo; from a new nation of spirits born directly from the elemental spirits - reflecting healing, power and the security that comes with leaders of the sky. Drums, dancing, and rhythm are thunderous and purposeful, signalling a new beginning. Sobo is a warrior wielding a double edged axe, but still full of compassion. In salutation, food of wealth is offered, green candles are lit, and as the flames flicker, the beats play on…

Marassa; summons a tidal cacophony with his fingertips that wails and thunders into the resonant mountains. He unleashes the twin spirits within, as the electric swordsman of two halves. A healer and a troublemaker, consuming all in his wake - and spewing forth a divine power.

Oya; stormy emotions and tempestuous circumstances prevail, and Oya is the conductor at the centre of the destruction and chaos. Channelling spirits past and futures unknown - she unleashes the possession in other worldly chants and unearthly melodies. With big and open eyes she breathes, blows up her cheeks, then howls. Oya is the spirit of change, and she makes room for vibrant new growth.

Collectively, we are VŌDŪN, heavy, weird, soulful - yes, we are expectant of the abnormal and so should you be.

Walk with us… Walk with the VŌDŪN!

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