"... like Aretha Franklin fronting Royal Blood after imbibing ayahuasca."

- Classic Rock

In order to know where we are going, we need to know where came from. At times, women of colour are so poorly represented in history that you can exist without being able to name more than one or two who were pivotal in resisting colonisation & oppression. We present to you "Started From". Video by T.E Yates.

"Spirits Past", produced by Tom Dalgety, is the first single to be taken from Vodun's hugely anticipated second album 'ASCEND', released September 2018 via New Heavy Sounds. Video by Noomi Spook

"Vodun's album POSSESSION sent more than a few shockwaves through the Noisey office with its offbeat blend of hefty stoner doom, low slung blues, heavy rock, and West African spiritualism."

- Noisey, Vice

"Like Aretha fronting Royal Blood after imbibing ayahuasca... unearthly, neck-snapping melange of Afro-beat, RnB and death metal..."

- Mojo Magazine

"... a fearsome trio whose riffs thud and judder and terrify small children."

- Classic Rock

“A bloody glorious cacophony: a kinetic hybrid of spasmodic Melvins riffs, outrageously powerful drums & soulful yelping – they’re a revelation. 9/10”

– Metal Hammer

“With their distinctive psych rock and tribal influences (not to mention the booming, soulful vocals of vocalist Oya [Chantal Brown]), Vodun are certainly a very original entity within the UK’s current stoner/doom scene. ”

– Terrorizer 

There is another psychedelic dimension which makes it an exhilarating listening experience, almost like they have been hanging out with Swedish psychedelic rockers Goat. The exceptional level of song writing is still there, very catchy pop tunes with not one bad egg. ”

– Richard Collins, Echos and Dust